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A QAD DynaSys Leadership White Paper
Demand Planning for Supply Chain

Your business goals are defined by your strategy. This defines your markets, product or service type and the methods to supply. Not forgetting the need to turn a profit. But the shape of your business is not defined wholly by your strategy. External factors are just as important. Factors such as timing, competition, economy, disruption. These define the demand for your products and services. So the shape of your business as a whole is defined by the demand that you are willing and able to supply. Everything else in your business is a response to this demand – your production facilities, warehousing, distribution, staffing and investment levels.


What you will find in this White Paper: 

1. What is demand planning?

2. Why is demand planning important?

3. The demand planning cycle

4. The importance of forecast accuracy

5. Roles & Responsabilities

6. Key features

7. Benefits


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