Supply Planning

With QAD DynaSys DSCP

Align Demand and Supply With QAD DynaSys Supply Planning

The best possible picture of future demand naturally needs to be aligned with the best possible picture of future supply. QAD DynaSys Supply Planning provides comprehensive and holistic supply planning to calculate optimal distribution, manufacturing and procurement plans.

QAD DynaSys Digital and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) coordinates material and information flow across the entire logistics network. Finite capacity distribution plans respect lead-time, batch size, ordering, shipping and receiving calendar constraints. The solution inherently supports segmentation strategies with deep supply allocation rules ensuring the right demand is served. Geo mapping visualizations of product flow intuitively highlights distribution activity.

DSCP optimizes the order and delivery plan for all purchased items including raw materials, packaging, finished goods and products linked to trade. This best-in-class capability supports supplier schedules, standing-order call-offs and supply calendars. It contains “look-ahead” logic to strategically attain carriage-paid or to-fill containers. Strategic sourcing rules (multiple supplier share, etc.) may be configured.

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