Objectives of a Sales & Operations Planning software

Collaboration and information sharing are key elements on coworkers daily exchanges. This collaboration can be difficult in a company with many services, markets and geographical locations. Centralizate the information between the supply department, production and sales as well as corporate finance is therefore very challenging. Performance management requiers tools that allow the aggregation and development of relevant data for decision-making. A Sales & Operations Planning software is an efficient tool for meeting this issue within the organization.


Why implementing a Sales & Operations Planning software in a company?

The goal of a Sales & Operations Planning software is to centralize the information and to align the strategic, tactic and operationnal plans. This data sharing may also involves external stakeholders such as suppliers or customers.


Track activity variations

By tracking the real-time activity, a company can verify if the forecast plan is respected and limit the activity level uncertainity. The discrepancies between the forecasts and the actual activity should be tracked in real-time and adjusted continuously. Stock, production, sales gaps... Whether they come from an unforeseeable incident or a more recurrent phenomenon, these gaps are a real threat to a company's stability.


Improve collaboration between services

A S&OP software will also inform all the managers about the other services activity within the company in order to adapt their own activity. This will lead to an improved collaboration. The Sales & Operations Planning could rely on stock and production management to adapt the company's activity to internal and external variations. With a better collaboration, each service will improve its stability and serenity.

To reduce the Supply Chain costs, to coordinate the services strategy within the company, to balance supply and demand or to make decision easily, a Sales & Operations Planning software is a efficient solution for a company to reach its objectives.