Demand Planning

The First Step to Optimize your End-to-end Supply Chain

Demand Planning - A Clear Picture of Future Demand

QAD DynaSys Digital Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) excels at helping companies rapidly and accurately understand future demand. QAD DynaSys Demand Planning excels where product sales behavior is particularly complex by employing intelligent algorithmic methods and machine learning. These techniques apply to items with short or zero history, complex seasonality, periodic sales, high volume low frequency and make-to-order products. Complexity is no longer an excuse for not having accurate sales forecasts. Other expert techniques employed by the Demand Planning capabilities of DSCP include:

  • Demand sensing methods that use real-time demand signals to drive near horizon demand management
  • Demand shaping capabilities to simulate price/ volume scenarios
  • Exception management processes that focus planner intervention on the most critical area(s) of the portfolio
  • Expert promotion planning to manage promotional uplift and cannibalization and halo effects. Smart baseline planning ensures promotional demand is segmented from organic demand
  • Modeling individual product life cycles which ensures demand expectations align with product life stage. This includes product introduction planning, growth tapering, pipe-fill volumes, functionally rich supersession management and early obsolescence identification


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