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Avoid Shortages & Increase Service Levels With Finite Capacity Planning

Optimize Service Levels & Reduce Shortages in Your Business With Production Planning

With soaring logistic costs, manufacturing bottlenecks, product variability, and continually changing demand and supply variables at work, the challenge is on for you to create the best supply chain plan for your business.

The QAD DynaSys Production Planning solution helps companies become effective enterprises by optimizing their production operations in order to maximize efficiencies while managing constraints and costs. Our production planning adopts a high visibility approach that graphically and intuitively provides planners with an informative workbench to support decision making and event simulation by understanding that manufacturing environments are complex and dynamic, and planners struggle to manage real-time changes such as capacity (unforeseen downtime), product availability (delayed deliveries), and urgent demand signals (unplanned orders). The QAD DynaSys Production Planning solution excels in this environment due to our technological differentiators.





Advantages of Using Production Planning to Optimize Production

QAD DynaSys Production Planning provides finite capacity optimized planning to calculate the perfect manufacturing material flows across all production stages subject to resource capacity, skills, tools, labor, and material constraints. Some of our key technological differentiators include end-to-end collaboration enabling the planner to disseminate and accumulate qualitative intelligence with all planning stakeholders, and intuitive end-to-end supply chain visibility that extends past the baseline plan to include simulated events and what-if scenario comparisons.

The QAD DynaSys Production Planning solution is available as a standalone solution or as part of the end-to-end QAD DynaSys DSCP solution. Discover what else our Software can do: Demand Planning, Distribution Planning, Procurement Planning, Network and Inventory Optimization, Sales & Operations Planning.


1 to 40 Points
of Service Level Improvement
1% to 40%
of Waste Costs Reduction
1% to 25%
of Supply Chain Costs Reduction

Key Features

  • Material flow visibility
  • Constraint-based optimization
  • Simulation workbench for what-if scenarios and simulation planning
  • Capacity allocation
  • And more...

Key Benefits

  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Reduced shop-floor interruptions
  • Reduced product wastage
  • Response to unanticipated events
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • And more...


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"Production Planning is key for us because it's a way to analyse the capacities and to anticipate the needs." Odile Daragon, Project Manager ARaymond



"We have a very cooperative partnership and we are running together a very successful project, which was on time and within the costs." Stefan Stucki, Finance Director Wander

"Thanks to QAD DynaSys DSCP, our inventory reduced from 48 to 18 days while service level increased from 98.5 to 99%."

Supply Chain Director, CEMOI Group

"The QAD DynaSys tools are efficient, enabling us to carry out rapid, detailed, accurate and reliable analysis which is, in a word, relevant. Our Service levels were maintained while the longest lead-time was reduced from 14 to 6 weeks."

Planning and Procurement Manager - Mumm Perrier Jouët

“With QAD DynaSys, we noticed a dramatic reduction of inventory shortages and significant reduction in inventory levels of finished products.”

Marie-Claude Cevalte, Supply Chain & IS Director- Mayoly Spindler


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