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Calculate the optimal supply plan


Procurement Planning: What to Buy, When to Buy & From Where

On a daily basis planners are faced with making sure supply is available when product is needed. Simple, right? Not exactly. Planners are tasked not only with making sure the product is available when needed, but also keeping supply costs and inventory as low as possible. Then, depending on the complexity of the supply chain, other operational constraints such as lead time, minimum orders, lot sizes, storage, and shipping / receiving schedules also need to be considered.

Understanding that product cost plus supply chain costs (transportation and storage) represent 70-80% of the cost of goods sold, much of the company’s margin is directly related to the volumes in the supply plan.

We can immediately see that the stakes are high.

Planners need efficient tools to help them manage these daily decisions. 


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Advantages of Procurement Planning for Optimizing Your Supply

QAD DynaSys Procurement Planning allows planners to build an optimal supply plan accounting for all constraints - efficiently and collaboratively. Procurement Planning main advantages include:

  • Control tower to visualize the daily tasks
  • Alerts to deal with emergencies coming from anomalies
  • Graphical tools to visualize the supply plan
  • Contract management tools to deal with delivery calls
  • Validation functions to generate purchasing orders to the ERP

QAD DynaSys Procurement Planning is available as a standalone solution or as part of the integrated end-to-end QAD DynaSys Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) solution. Discover what else our software can do: Demand Planning, Distribution Planning, Production Planning, Sales & Operations Planning.

1 to 40 Points
of Service Level Improvement
15% to 60 %
of Inventory Reduction
5% to 25%
of Working Capital Reduction

Key Features

  • Supplier’s Calendars
  • Requirements Calculator
  • Order Size Constraints
  • Look Ahead Logic
  • Pegging
  • And more...

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Material Costs
  • Reduced Transportation Costs
  • Reduced Ordering Costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce Supply Chain Risk
  • And more...

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"QAD DynaSys was the only software vendor able to commit both functional coverage, and above all, to implementation time.”

Renaud Pauquet, Inventory and Procurement Manager for France, RAJA


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