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Visibility Into Your Global Supply Chain

Optimize Your Global Supply Chain Network With Distribution Planning Software

Consumer demand is highly dynamic. Hence, the need to segment supply chains by market type and demand has become critical. The whole point of managing a distribution network is to ensure that you have the correct amount of stock at the right place, the right time and at the lowest cost possible. To meet this challenge, brands and manufacturers are adopting:

  • Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) - Trace market demand across your entire supply chain network back to production sites
  • Deployment - allocate inventory from any number of  storage areas based on production requirements (firm orders, forecast, and safety stock), location and destination.


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Advantages of QAD DynaSys Distribution Planning

To help planners conquer these challenges, we offer Distribution Planning software where Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) is just a starting point. QAD DynaSys Distribution Planning gives you command of inventory allocation by generating deployment orders from source to destination locations and transfer orders among the warehouses/distribution locations. 

QAD DynaSys’ Distribution Planning offers powerful optimization tools and a UX-tested experience. Distribution Planning advantages include:

  • Global vision of your supply chain network
  • A dynamic map representing your authorized flows 
  • The ability to set any kind of constraints (costs, delays, capacities, etc.)
  • Stock management by expiration dates
  • The means for formulating the optimal distribution plan
  • Human intervention capability at any step in the automated process
  • Documentation of exceptional events

QAD DynaSys Distribution Planning is available as a standalone solution or as part of the integrated end-to-end QAD DynaSys Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) solution. Discover what else our software can do: Demand Planning, Procurement Planning, Production Planning, Sales & Operations Planning.

1 to 40 Points
of Service Level Improvement
15% to 60 %
of Inventory Reduction
5% to 25%
of Working Capital Reduction

Key Features

  • Capacity constrained
  • Warehouse rebalance
  • Replenishment methodology
  • Variable Batch Sizing
  • Reverse logistics
  • And more...

Key Benefits

  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Improve efficiency of the global supply chain network
  • Reduce obsolescence and waste
  • Reduce excess inventory
  • Improve visibility
  • And more...

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Distribution Planning Customers


“With QAD DynaSys solutions we reduced inventory by 17% in value and 30% in coverage/days.”

Supply Chain Europe Director – Newell Brands

“The global monitoring solution enabled us to optimize the logistics network considering both costs and inventory levels."

Logistics Development Manager – Essilor


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