Scenario & Financial Planning Webinar



Understand the financial impacts
of scenario planning on
your Supply Chain


Hosted by Gary Shaw, Principal Business Consultant.


Are you missing opportunities due to the lack of visibility & risk analysis on your end-to-end supply chain?

Are you able to run multiple scenarios on demand & supply and understand the critical financial impacts on your supply chain planning? 

Every decision in the supply chain is linked to a financial impact. It’s too easy to think that an increase in forecast will lead to an increase in revenue and margin. What if you don’t have the capacity to supply? The end result is those forecast sales will never materialise and you are leaving revenue at risk. Or what if the additional capacity costs are prohibitively high?  Your cost base will increase so much that your profit disappears & there’s no financial benefit to the business.

In these uncertain times, you absolutely need to run and compare scenarios that consider alternative demand, supply & financial impacts. You have to ensure you are making informed and reliable decisions about your supply chain that turn into profitable outcomes for your business!


Watch this 30 minute webinar, and understand how to join the dots between supply chain and finance!

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Scenario / Financial Planning Webinar

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