SBM Life Science Reinforces Its Digitalization Effort and Automates Sales Forecasts with QAD DynaSys Cloud Solutions


QAD DynaSys, a leading provider of digital supply chain planning solutions, announced today that leading gardening and home protection company SBM Life Science has chosen QAD DynaSys Demand Planning and Advanced Analytics in the cloud. SBM Life Science selected QAD DynaSys to simplify, organize, fluidify and anticipate its sales forecasts, as well as its inventory management analyses, in order to better support its customers to face the needs of online and in-store consumers.

"Our DNA is based, among other things, on research and innovation. This is true whether it is designing our solutions to offer the best to our customers, the technologies we employ or the processes that allow us to run our business," said SBM Life Science Supply Chain Director-Europe Guillaume de Rekeneire. "Continuous improvement is one of the fundamentals of our business, and we realized that we needed to use a robust and digital solution to improve our sales forecasts.”


Anticipating Sales Forecasts, Optimizing Stock Levels and Providing Better Support to its Retail Customers

“This is the starting point for the implementation of QAD DynaSys cloud-based solutions. Our supply chain is in place, and we are boosting its efficiency with solutions for sales forecasting. These solutions will help us to better manage the variability caused by strong seasonality and optimize inventory management,” said de Rekeneire. “The QAD DynaSys solution will allow us to generate analyses and what-if scenarios that are as accurate as they are simple to implement and quick to obtain, allowing us to better satisfy our customers.”

To do this, SBM Life Science chose the QAD DynaSys Demand Planning and Advanced Analytics cloud solutions to focus on its core business.


SBM Life Science selected QAD DynaSys for a number of specific reasons, including:

  • The depth and breadth of functionality delivered by QAD DynaSys solutions

  • A cloud-based solution including a web-based UX meets the strategic challenges faced by SBM Life Science

  • The robustness and ease of use of the Advanced Analytics solution

  • The expertise and experience of the QAD DynaSys team allowed it to understand not only how to best implement the solution but also to speak the same business language as the SBM Life Science project team

  • The long-term success of QAD DynaSys and its recognition by experts/analysts in the market


"The QAD DynaSys solutions will adapt to our processes, simply and quickly,” said de Rekeneire. “They will allow us to optimize our sales forecasts, anticipate our decisions, and manage our stocks as accurately as possible to further improve our customer service. They will make the supply chain the cornerstone of our business. The first implementation will be in France in 2021, followed by Europe and the U.S."

Ariel Weil, General Manager of QAD DynaSys said, "We are delighted to count SBM Life Science among our customers. Our Digital Supply Chain Planning solutions will support SBM in the digital transformation of its supply chain and its planning structure. Our teams are already aligned, which is an advantage as we build the future of their supply chain with stability and sustainability."


About SBM Life Science


SBM Company is a family-owned industrial group of French origin, createdì in 1994 and present in more than 31 countries, across Europe and North America. SBM Company designs, homologates, produces and markets products for the care and protection of crops, garden and home. Recognized for its expertise in both the agricultural and consumer markets, SBM Company masters the entire value chain, from R&D to the consumer. Innovation is at the heart of the group's strategy, to constantly adapt to market evolutions.


SBM Life Science is the Garden & Home subsidiary of the SBM Company group. It puts its expertise at the service of its customers and consumers, thanks to innovative and responsible solutions and services, for their plants, their garden and their living space. It offers a complete range of products - plant protection, care and nutrition products, growing media and home protection products against pests - meeting the main needs of consumers: Nourish, Beautify, Maintain and Defend.


SBM Life Science has deployedì several flagship brands in Europe: Protect Home®, Protect Garden® and Solabiol®, a pioneering brand in France in the natural products segment since 2001. In each country, other strong local brands complete the offer, such as Caussade®, Protect Expert®, NutriOne® and Thermacell® in France.

In the United States, SBM Life Science Corp. is a key playerì in innovation in the Garden and Lawn marketì and offers recognized brands such as BioAdvanced®, Natria® and NutriOne®.


About QAD DynaSys – Digital Supply Chain Planning Solutions

QAD DynaSys, a division of QAD Inc. (Nasdaq: QADA) (Nasdaq: QADB), provides Digital Supply Chain Planning solutions. With 35 years of experience, QAD DynaSys provides an integrated and collaborative planning solution that allows businesses to optimize their supply chains, including sales and operations planning, demand planning, network and inventory and business resources optimizations. QAD DynaSys software enables customers and partners in the food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, life sciences, apparel, luxury, high tech, automotive, distribution and retail verticals to meet their goals of better managing Demand and Supply Chain Planning, and building the future of their supply chain.

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