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Integrated Business Planning [IBP] is the must have way of working for 21st century companies. In a fast changing, highly uncertain world, all companies need up to date information on their current business direction in volume, value and margin. They need to be able to compare current reality with corporate and shareholder expectations, and take action to close gaps as quickly as possible. 
To implement IBP, you need to change systems, process and people. In the past you had to get these parts from different companies. No longer! 
We announce today a collaboration to enable you implement IBP quicker, get benefits sooner, and get control of your future through a single point collaboration.
You can get the systems and software process from Dynasys – who has a proven track record in delivering Integrated Business Planning, Demand and Supply Chain Planning solutions.
To change people you need Education in new ways of working, the right measures, and the right behaviours to get rid of silo management. You get a proven template for the IBP process from the Delos Partnership Limited, who have thirty years’ experience delivering transformation.
So, instead of spending three to six months developing the process, then three months looking for software and maybe another 3-6 months implementing your solution, you can now work with one partner. You start with an “out of the cloud” solution to tackle the task of transforming your ability to control the future faster. 
Typical benefits are 40 % reduction in inventory, additional profits equal to 2-3 % of Sales, and more control. You get all this months quicker, which pays for the solution in months, not years. 
We will assess your current ways of working, carry out IBP design workshops – built around your data, and your scenarios – and develop your model of IBP. We will then help you pilot it using Dynasys DSCP for the information, and the Delos proven model for your process and people behaviours. You could start the first cycle in as little as three months. That’s Quick-Start IBP. Delay is not an option for getting control.

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