Promotions Planning
for Supply Chain

A QAD DynaSys Leadership White Paper
Promotions Planning for Supply Chain

Trade promotions have always been murky water. Manufacturers give millions of dollars annually to retailers in the form of slotting fees, sample and trial items, reverse logistics fees, new stores fees, introductory allowances, volume pricing discounts, and promotions to end-consumers. This money is spent to drive bottom-line ROI, improve customer loyalty, build stronger sales channels, and execute market share strategies. So, how can a manufacturer accurately determine the impact on the supply chain, and analyze the return on investment, before committing to a promotions event? It all starts with a comprehensive promotion plan.


What you will find in this White Paper: 

  • Measure promotions performance
  • Promotion Plans Accuracy
  • Agility & Visibility
  • Connectivity
  • Supply chain & promotions collaboration
  • Strategy alignment
  • Supply feasibility
  • Life cycle planning


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