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Production Planning
How to avoid shortages and increase service level with finite capacity planning

ARaymond optimizes its Supply Chain with Production Planning

"Production Planning is key for us because it's a way to analyse the capacities and to anticipate the needs." Odile Daragon, Project Manager ARaymond

Optimize your Service Levels with Comprehensive Capacity Planning and Reduce Shortages in your Business

DynaSys’ Production Planning Software will allow your organization to increase your service level and avoid issues that arise because of shortages.  Discover all that our solutions can do for you!


What is a Production Planning Software?

Manufacturing and Production Planning software will help your business to optimize efficiencies throughout the operation while allowing you to deliver a better level of service to your customers. Optimized production plans help you to get the best return on investment while always ensuring you can meet the needs of your clients.
With DynaSys' Production planning software, users can plan collaboratively and support the operations ability to visualize, analyze, simulate and fully understand the businesses production needs along with its limitations.

Thanks to DynaSys' Production Planning, your business will get intricate capacity planning which will allow you to optimize your operations.
Master Production Scheduling along with sales and operations planning is also available to help you develop and perfect your business inventory processes.  This is done according to and considering demand, production constraints, and inventory policies.

How Does Production Planning Work?

Intelligent algorithms allow your business to undertake capacity smoothing, while at the same time monitoring stock closely to fine-tune the capacity utilization, by synchronizing the different levels of production and optimizing resources.
DynaSys' Production Planning software also includes advanced controls which give your business the ability to review ‘available-to-promise’ and ‘capable to promise,' along with ‘use-by-dates’ and ‘cost-based-optimization.'  All of these features ensure you have the best production planning software that helps your business to effectively manage, plan, and optimize your operations production planning.

Production Planning key features

  • Tailor your platform view to simplify your individual experience, making it work for you
  • Advanced simulation tools help users build and manage different assumptions
  • Calculate and optimize using a comprehensive set of algorithms which can be combined to best reflect a company’s processes and constraints
  • Detailed reporting and analysis provide a flexible report writer and visual analysis tool, simplifying formatting and the generation of meaningful reports and dashboards that give you the information you need, and only the information you need
  • Collaboration is facilitated through Single Click Collaborative®, technology that offers real-time collaboration to planners and users across the enterprise and the DynaSys Web Portal

Production Planning key benefits

  • Improve your company's customer satisfaction with fewer stockouts and better on-time delivery performance 
  • Improve your product availability while reducing obsolescence
  • Reduce inventory of finished products and semi-finished products, components and raw material with better production planning
  • Improve business performance by using applicable metrics and KPIs. Intelligent reports give you the information you need and omit the data you do not need, making it easy to see what is important to you
  • Compress “cash to cash” cycle by optimizing resource utilization
  • Control labor costs by accurately forecasting short and long term labor requirements, including overtime planning and recruitment strategy 
1 to 40 Points
of Service Level Improvement
15% to 60 %
of Inventory Reduction
5% to 25%
of Working Capital Reduction


How can Production Planning Software help my Business?

DynaSys Production Planning Software offers a huge amount of value to your business. The most notable being the ability to reduce stock turn and improve product availability. After all, giving your customers what they need when you say you will is important. Optimizing your return on investment will also help your business to enhance its operations effectiveness and will ensure you get the highest profit from your operations without compromising on customer experience.

You can use DynaSys Production Planning software to become an effective enterprise by supporting both strategic and tactical planning, to better serve the demands of your market. Production Planning is part of our Demand & Supply Chain Planning software, discover our solutions for: Demand Planning, Distribution Planning, as well as Procurement Planning and Network & Inventory Optimization Planning.

Learn more about Production Planning

It is quite difficult to convey all of what our Production Planning software can do in one page, download our brochure to learn more.


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Production Planning Webinar

Achieving Production Planning Excellence

Customer orders and forecasts provide visibility of what customers want to buy. In a complex manufacturing environment, the challenge is to fulfill that demand on time and in full whilst simultaneously optimising your capacity and inventory. 

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The DDMRP compliance logo is a trademark of the Demand Driven Institute, LLC – all rights


DynaSys DSCP is certified DDMRP compliant by Demand Driven Institute

DDMRP is a planning methodology used both for planning and execution control, that by defining where to stock and how much to stock in a dynamic way will generate supply orders according to average daily usage, plus qualified sales spikes. DDMRP guides and alerts execution in a visual way.

DynaSys is the first global end to end supply chain planning technology providers to achieve this certification.


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“DynaSys has been very aggressive on the inclusion of the DDMRP method into DSCP. They are a welcome addition to the list of certified technology providers”

Carol Ptak, Partner, Demand Driven Institute

“DynaSys DSCP goes beyond the minimum requirements for DDMRP certification in many areas. This is a great addition to the options that companies have to implement DDMRP”

Chad Smith Partner, Demand Driven

My Manufacturing Company

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the computer?

Find out if you are better at production planning than the DynaSys Demand and Supply Chain Planning engine.

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We are proud to work with...

"Thanks to DynaSys DSCP, our inventory reduced from 48 to 18 days while service level increased from 98.5 to 99%."

Supply Chain Director, CEMOI Group

"The DynaSys tools are efficient, enabling us to carry out rapid, detailed, accurate and reliable analysis which is, in a word, relevant. Our Service levels were maintained while the longest lead-time was reduced from 14 to 6 weeks."

Planning and Procurement Manager - Mumm Perrier Jouët

“With DynaSys, we noticed a dramatic reduction of inventory shortages and significant reduction in inventory levels of finished products.”

Marie-Claude Cevalte, Supply Chain & IS Director- Mayoly Spindler

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