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Procurement Planning
How to know what to buy, when to buy it and where from


Know Exactly What to Buy, When to Buy It and Where to buy it From

DynaSys Procurement Planning Software will keep you informed on what, when and where you purchase from. Calculating order and delivery schedules in-line with your precise needs.


What is Procurement Planning Software?

DynaSys Procurement Planning delivers world-class procurement plans, results, and processes throughout the operational supply chain. Using intelligent and complex calculations, order and delivery schedules are produced based on precise forecasting requirements, inventory policies and logistics constraints.

Our Procurement Planning Software delivers effective plans for the supply of raw materials, packaging, other materials and finished products. Improve your service level by optimizing your delivery schedule, and reduce your storage, purshasing and delivery costs.

Procurement Planning key features

  • You can easily configure simulation environments offering a vision of all procurement activities including in-process, stocks, stock indicators and alerts
  • Define supplier constraints and capacities, and optimize the supplier selection based on sourcing decisions for multiple suppliers
  • Determine the most effective plan that incorporates stock costs, purchasing costs, transportation costs (unitary or by trucks/containers) or supplier choice
  • Define stock and procurement strategies including alternative suppliers, batch size, safety stock, coverage, maximum stock and maximum purchase quantity
  • Overall deliverance of service level improvements through increased visibility and tailored scenario-based calculations

Procurement Planning key benefits

  • Optimized procurement planning reduces purchasing, delivery and storage costs to your business, helping you to get the best return on investment.
  • Increased product availability improves customer service satisfaction and results in fewer stock-outs and in an improved stock turn duration
  • With procurement planning software, you get a more accurate calculation of supplier safety stocks and optimal delivery plans, reducing excess stock throughout the supply chain
  • Procuring your products on more timely and accurate basis minimizes capital outlay for your operation
1 to 40 Points
of Service Level Improvement
15% to 60 %
of Inventory Reduction
5% to 25%
of Working Capital Reduction

How can Procurement Planning software help my business?

Procure what you need, and only purchase when you need to, from the most suitable and cost-effective organization. Develop and perfect your procurement processes, deliver more products on time and enhance your procurement service levels.

Procurement Planning is not the only thing our S&OP software can help you with! Discover our solutions for: Demand Planning, Distribution Planning, as well as Production Planning and Network & Inventory Optimization Planning.

Learn more about Procurement Planning

It is quite difficult to convey all of what our Procurement Planning software can do in one page, download our brochure to learn more.


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The DDMRP compliance logo is a trademark of the Demand Driven Institute, LLC – all rights


DynaSys DSCP is certified DDMRP compliant by Demand Driven Institute

DDMRP is a planning methodology used both for planning and execution control, that by defining where to stock and how much to stock in a dynamic way will generate supply orders according to average daily usage, plus qualified sales spikes. DDMRP guides and alerts execution in a visual way.

DynaSys is the first global end to end supply chain planning technology providers to achieve this certification.


Learn more

“DynaSys has been very aggressive on the inclusion of the DDMRP method into DSCP. They are a welcome addition to the list of certified technology providers”

Carol Ptak, Partner, Demand Driven Institute

“DynaSys DSCP goes beyond the minimum requirements for DDMRP certification in many areas. This is a great addition to the options that companies have to implement DDMRP”

Chad Smith Partner, Demand Driven


We are proud to work with...

"With DynaSys DSCP, we have a better visibility on our supplies and our product mix, and have fewer emergency replenishment."

Planning and Procurement Manager, Mumm Perrier Jouët

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