Mobility & Collaboration White Paper

Supply Chain’s New Table Stakes

A QAD DynaSys Leadership White Paper for Supply Chain Mobility and Collaboration


In modern-day supply chains borders, time zones, and languages no longer present conventional obstacles to supply chain cooperation. Social media and advanced communications, trade agreements, and multinational companies have flattened the world, and the players in a collaborative process may not be in the same geography or even in the same enterprise. Distributors can collaborate with contract manufacturers and third party logistics providers to solve a single problem.

Supply chains, like most other facets of our everyday lives, have become increasingly connected and global. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) delivers real-time connectivity to billions of devices around the world. This has led to coupled supply chains capable of visualizing the real-time flows of demand and supply across countries, companies, industries and languages. But are we now data rich and insight poor?


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Mobility & Collaboration White Paper

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