Collaboration in Supply Chain Planning

Supply chains, like most other facets of business and our everyday lives, have become increasingly connected and global. Yet the revolution of connected supply chains has not necessarily led to more cooperative supply chains.



Data Driven

To be able to leverage the connected supply chain, stakeholders and planning processes must be orchestrated. One would think that connecting people shouldn’t be too difficult in this social media-enabled world. But how does one make the transition from a collaborative Facebook chat to mitigating a supply chain risk or exploiting a demand opportunity across a multi-enterprise supply chain?

A New Generation of Supply Chain Collaboration





Supply chain planners of the future will be analytical deal makers and brokers. Their collaborative reach will transcend the contemporary definition of a supply chain. Supply chain planners and, by extension, supply chain technology will focus on analyzing business scenarios and executing business transformations.

  • Supply chain planning is no longer just about the numbers. Demand and supply plans are great but they don’t tell the entire story. Supply chain planning technology must support qualitative intelligence in the same way it supports quantitative intelligence.
  • Data Driving Collaboration. New qualitative data becomes the stem of a living communication thread. Not unlike social media, the thread must be shared with relevant stakeholders to have utility. From a technology perspective, this presents a solution that embeds social media-type interactions at the core of the planning solution.

Your Supply Chain may not Sleep, but you can

Supply chain planning is no longer just about the numbers, the quantitative data. It is equally about managing the events, exceptions, assumptions, risks, and opportunities that provide a vital qualitative context to the numbers.


Collaborative Supply Chain White Paper

Social media and advanced communications, trade agreements, and multinational companies have flattened the world, and the players in a collaborative process may not be in the same geography or even in the same enterprise. Distributors can collaborate with contract manufacturers and third party logistics providers to solve a single problem.

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