Supply Chain Advanced Analytics

Companies are now treating their data differently. It is no longer an IT necessity and expense, but a valuable asset from which to leverage actionable business insights. Such insights can be used to grow the business, exploit opportunities and mitigate risk in this disruptive age.




Strong advanced analytics and end-to-end stakeholder collaboration form the basis of modern digital supply chain planning technology. As digitalization continues to disrupt, supply chain technology must be hyper-connected and automated, and produce actionable business insights that promote the value of the enterprise and ensure business continuity.

Next Generation Supply Chain Analytics





QAD DynaSys Supply Chain Advanced Analytics aims to eliminate plan decay. Modern supply chains have access to unprecedented volumes of data via the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other sources. This data comes in many forms, structured and unstructured, relevant and irrelevant, high quality and noise. QAD DynaSys Supply Chain Advanced Analytics is capable of digesting millions of data points capturing outliers, trends, and step changes; only some of this will result in actionable insights.

  • Fact-based decisions. The numbers do not lie. This provides planners with decision making confidence.
  • Intuition. There are many ways to present the facts. QAD DynaSys Advanced Analytics uses a range of different methods to not just provide the numbers, but more importantly, to answer the questions being asked.
  • Actionable insights from large data volumes. Extract rapid value from data without extensive intervention.
  • Real-time. Eliminate plan decay by being alerted instantaneously to exceptions and alerts.  This makes a supply chain more agile and able to respond to threats and opportunities.
  • Smarter decisions. Machine learning provides predictive models that can help a company plan for various changes in the supply chain environment.  This provides for faster, more accurate output from lower input.


Supply Chain Analytics White Paper

As supply chain analytics have matured along the journey from descriptive to prescriptive, they have taken on many new roles. And methods of presenting exceptions, trends, and insights have evolved.


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