Next Generation Digital Supply Chain Planning

Are you prepared for the future? Manufacturers and distributors face a volatile economic environment in which change is the only certainty. Supply chain planning has become a competitive weapon in our modern, connected and digital world. Effective supply chain planning solutions provide instant visibility and intuitive decision support, enabling companies to become more agile and exploit the complexity of modern supply chains. To meet evolving business requirements, manufacturers and distributors need Next Generation Digital Supply Chain Planning.




As a next generation cloud Digital Supply Chain Planning solution, QAD DynaSys DSCP provides everything you need to meet new and developing requirements by combining advanced digital technologies and proven industry best practices.

QAD DynaSys DSCP Helps Leverage Industry Disruptors

QAD DynaSys delivers Digital Supply Chain Planning software and solutions to keep pace with emerging business disruptors and to turn volatility into competitive advantage - ahead of your competitors.

Anything as a Service

Also named XaaS. It is a business model where companies provide outcomes rather than products, shifting what customers seek and ultimately buy.


Make to Order at Scale

End users expect personalized products and services to meet their unique needs and requirements.  


Digital Supply Chain

Acquisition of enterprise-wide and value chain data to measure and optimize company processes to deliver peak performance in a rapidly changing business environment.



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