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Network and Inventory Optimization
How to manage supply chain complexity while reducing global cost

Reduce global costs of your supply chain by optimizing your network inventory

Network and Inventory Optimization offers strategic network flow management that economically optimizes the supply chain while facilitating monitoring and management of budgetary activity. The optimization takes into account a large variety of costs including production, storage, transport and fixed site, and includes production and storage capacity constraints. This ensures companies define optimal routes within their supply network.

Network & Inventory Optimization solution (N&IOP) enables customers to become Effective Enterprises by supporting strategic planning throughout the entire Supply Chain. Based on logistical and financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), N&IOP enables organizations to simulate strategic decisions, to optimize logistics flows and to create robust budgets.

Key features

  • User customizable views - workspaces dedicated to user roles within the process and organization
  • Simulations can be stored and compared using different assumptions and produce a customizable view of the whole financial and Supply Chain activity
  • Powerful optimization algorithm - Calculating in real-time the forecasted service level, inventory levels, resources use rate, distribution flows and optimal sourcing allocation
  • Collaborate - encourages information sharing and real time synchronization between all the players of the extended Supply Chain

Key benefits

  • Margin improvement – through the coordination and reduction of production, distribution, inventory and purchasing costs
  • Inventory reduction – using global optimization to have the right inventory at the right place at the right time
  • Enhanced visibility – into global inventory flows
  • Greater agility – through powerful simulation functions for better decisions
  • Optimized resource utilization - compressing the “cash to cash” cycle
1 to 40 Points
of Service Level Improvement
15% to 60 %
of Inventory Reduction
5% to 25%
of Working Capital Reduction

How Network & Inventory Optimization Planning can help your business?

The plans developed by N&IOP take into consideration all your business constraints, from storage capacities to production and distribution capacities. 


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“DynaSys' global monitoring solution enabled us to optimize our logistics network with consideration for both costs and inventory levels.”

Logistics Development Manager – Essilor

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