How to guarantee success of your Supply Chain Planning Project?

A Webinar Series dedicated to Supply Chain Planning project management

Deliver your supply chain project on-time, in-full, and importantly with happy stakeholders. Implement technology in a way that empowers the supply chain and promotes growth.

  • How to avoid common pitfalls when starting a planning and scheduling project? 
    • Measuring the current Supply Chain level of maturity
    • Choosing methods adapted to industry specifics and business maturity
    • Raising awareness and engaging Senior Management 
    • Aligning Supply Chain Technologies with Corporate IS Strategy 
    • Anticipating the organization and process adaptation
  • How to ensure a successful Supply Chain Planning Implementation?
    • Importance of Scope Definition 
    • Importance of Project Management
    • Milestones and Project Methodology
  • Why partner with QAD DynaSys for your Supply Chain Planning Project?
    • Who we are? How we do?
    • Customers Success Stories - How to measure success?
    • Solution Overview 

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