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DSCP for Life Sciences

Laerdal is Building the Future of its Supply Chain

Laerdal stays current on their DSCP solution with "small dose, high frequency" upgrades to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction.

Manage Your Operations With DSCP for Life Sciences

The global Life Sciences industry is in the midst of unprecedented change. Tightening global regulations, historic healthcare reform and an increasing merger and acquisitions activity force Life Sciences manufacturers to change the way they go to market and manage supply chains, operations and distribution. To remain competitive and profitable, Life Sciences manufacturers must create additional value by controlling logistics costs, improving forecast reliability and reducing cycle time from R&D through delivery.

The supply chains for life science manufacturers grow more complex each year. New market opportunities and increased M&A activity are making device supply chains longer and more difficult to manage, while track and trace regulations around the world require greater visibility and control.


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Empowering Life Sciences Companies

QAD DynaSys Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) for Life Sciences is integrated, flexible, enables enhanced planning and optimization of complex global supply chains and improves supply chain visibility and governance.

demand & reduce time to market
complex global supply chains
and increase your supply chain visibility


Benefits for Life Sciences Companies

  • Improves customer service with shorter delivery times, fewer stock-outs, improved product availability and quick reaction to demand changes
  • Increases margins with cost reduction in distribution and procurement, reduces stockholding and lost sales, and less obsolescence and  logistic capacity requirements
  • Improves efficiency with greater supply chain visibility, internal and external collaboration, and anticipate procurement requirements while maintaining the overall control of the supply chain
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Life Sciences Customers


“With the implementation of the QAD DynaSys DSCP solution we save time and achieve a better reactivity facing events on the markets, thus enabling a control of stocks and their decrease”

S&OP Referencial Supervisor – Essilor

“QAD DynaSys gives our Supply Chain team an opportunity to optimize its processes while enabling the IT team to standardize its information system with a reliable and robust cloud based solution.”

CIO – Laboratoires Expanscience


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