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DSCP for Industrial

Electrium Manage Their Extended Supply Chain With DSCP

"DSCP provides a rigorous scientific approach to demand planning forecasting and they perfectly match our business requirements at both the aggregate and the line level." Paul Simpson, Head of Residential Supply Chain Management Electrium

Anticipate Customer Needs With DSCP for Industrial Companies

Every manufacturer wants to meet the goal of delivering the right product to the right place at the right time in the right quantity while managing margins and optimizing their supply chain. Volatile B2B customer demand, the pressure to innovate new products, mass customization through customer-specific variations, complex global supply chains, and aggressive competition make meeting these goals highly challenging.

Many successful industrial manufacturers that are producing products including chemicals, flexible packaging, discrete parts / components , engineered materials, assemblies and standalone equipment use QAD DynaSys Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) to address the challenges of modern business environments.


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Empowers Industrial Manufacturers

QAD DynaSys Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) helps manufacturers meet the needs of mixed production environments that include highvolume catalog items as well as single-customer SKU’s. Individual product orders may be flexibly based on make to stock, configured to order, made to order or assembled to order demand.


volatile B2B customer demand
your global supply chain
and increase your supply chain agility

Benefits for Industrial Manufacturers

  • Improves demand visibility and forecasts in order to better respond to market fluctuations
  • Allows for planning at both the product family and individual product levels
  • Optimizes the use of material and human assets spread throughout the supply chain
  • Streamlines customer fulfillment to reduce lead times and inventories while improving service levels
  • Improves the profitability at both the customer and order level
  • Improves sales forecast accuracy
  • Better manages product life cycles to improve global competitiveness
  • Minimizes inventory costs including reducing costly inventory re-deployment for finished goods, sub-assemblies and components
  • Streamlines S&OP process including financial plan simulations
  • Reduces supply chain costs by improving collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Reduces production and capacity bottlenecks by simulating alternatives
  • Optimizes procurement’s plans for critical components and end items by improving service levels and reducing logistics costs
  • And More...


Industrial Customers




"At the end of the day, centrally, we can enjoy an on time view of the demand, an on time view of the planning, the mid-term planning, the available capacities, the inventories." Christian Leger - Global Commercial & Supply Chain Director - Solvay



"The goal of a S&OP process is clearly to decide. We have our forecasts, we check our capacity, and we need to be all together, sales, finance, management, to decide." Benoit Barre - Quick Connectors Network Coordinator, ARaymond

“The QAD DynaSys solution allows us to use the same process at all of our 23 manufacturing sites on three continents. Our entire enterprise is able to collaborate more easily and share the right information at the right time and better anticipate our supply chain needs”

Supply Chain Project Manager - RPC Group


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