Wander Leaps to Cutting Edge DSCP From Antiquated Planning System


Wander Ltd is a Swiss food and beverage manufacturer, best known for their wide variety of Ovomaltine-based products. The company is strategically positioned in the market as a manufacturer and distributor of quality Swiss-made products. Wander Ltd directly supplies the retail market in Switzerland and exports products through independent distributors into several European countries. In addition to their Ovomaltine product lines, Wander markets and distributes Twinings Tea and Caotina in German speaking countries in Europe.

Wander Ltd has been successful for many years with their core Ovomaltine powder, but the market has changed around them. They have been innovating product lines but fallen behind in technology. In addition to an outdated QAD ERP system, Wander was using an old program for their Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP). The system had not been updated in more than twelve years. DSCP systems have significantly evolved in that time and it became obvious that their existing system’s age was creating an increasing risk that the entire platform might fail.


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