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Cémoi - The End-to-End Supply Chain

"I don't know if we can talk about love stories, but I'm sure that we can talk about our supply chain history." Bernard Lasry, Cémoi

Anticipate Customer Requirements With DSCP for Food & Beverage

Increased internationalization, mergers, increased competition, the growth in the number of products, shortening in the lifetime of individual products, increase in the number of promotions, make accurate demand management more and more difficult. Within an industry with heavy and increasingly integrated methods of production, customer requirements are less and less anticipated and organization’s need to be more and more pro-active.

On the opposite side, keeping stock is expensive and goes against the key requirement for flexibility and freshness demanded by the market and consumers. The Food & Beverage industry is also heavily affected by seasonality and limited availability of certain products through the year. The sector is characterized by complex and intensive distribution networks, reduced margins, which puts the logistics organization and its associated costs under pressure.


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Empowering Food & Beverage Companies

QAD DynaSys Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) enables food and beverage companies to optimize inventory, significantly improve collaboration with suppliers and customers and plan promotions that are more effective. The DCSP suite also enables a more efficiently controlled manufacturing environment, improvements in supply chain efficiency and increased control of costs and improvement in margins.



market & consumer demand
production & distribution network
and better manage product life cycle

Benefits for Food & Beverage Companies

  • Improves sales forecast accuracy to better manage a competitive product life cycle
  • Improves customer service level while reducing inventory
  • Reduces inventory and shortages due to a better understanding of customer needs
  • Reduces supply chain costs as a result of better collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Improves supply chain visibility and collaboration including communication and integration with customers, suppliers, and internal/external partners
  • Reduces wastage with better perishable goods management
  • Optimizes the use of premium supply to manage constrained raw material
  • And More...

Food & Beverage Customers



Sodebo is a family-owned French food product manufacturer founded in 1973 and specialized in different package categories. Here is their feedback about their Demand & Supply Chain Planning solution.



Wander AG manufactures high quality Swiss food and beverage products in Switzerland. They believe in digital transformation to stay competitive.

“Thanks to QAD DynaSys DSCP Solution, we have reduced our overstocks by 50% while increasing our customer service by 1.5 points.”

Supply Chain Director - Cémoi

“We needed to improve our agility and responsiveness to meet the needs of our customers, many of whom are among the biggest names in distribution and the food and beverage industry.”

Supply Chain Director - LSDH


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