Raja opts for Flexibility, Safety and Scalability of the Supply Chain With QAD DynaSys


For more than 60 years, RAJA has made customer service the center point of its excellence, setting priorities for product quality and availability, associated advice, fast delivery, prices guaranteed for 6 months and custom manufacturing. They also offer customers innovative tools like: RAJAPRINT (online customization); E-PROCUREMENT (purchase management); BAGSELECTOR or BOXSELECTOR (online search engine). The company combines care for customer support with the constant pursuit of innovation, as well as with the know-how and expertise of its employees. 

To support its growth strategy, RAJA was looking to standardize and streamline their information system. The Department of Information Systems (DIS) chose Microsoft Dynamics AX as their ERP solution. The first phase of the project included the deployment of front office applications. After this, the needs of the different businesses were addressed, including the Supply Chain, one of the lifelines on which RAJA depends. The ERP soon became saturated. The team headed by Renaud Pauquet, Inventory and Procurement Manager for France, started market research, consulting the main market players for Demand & Supply Chain Planning (DSCP). 

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