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DYS - Automotive - ARaymond - Combined

DSCP for Automotive

ARaymond Trust DSCP to Manage its S&OP and MPS Processes

ARaymond is specialized in fastening and assembly solutions by clipping, connecting and bonding,and delivers companies from the automotive, agriculture, energy, industrial, life and truck industries.

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Optimize Your Operations With DSCP for the Automotive Industry

In today’s automotive market, global manufacturers must meet strict OEM-driven expectations such as delivering excellent quality while ensuring on-time delivery. At the same time, automotive manufacturers strive continuously to optimize operations and pursue a balance between cost and needs for talent, quality, delivery and innovation. Meeting these objectives are complicated by market conditions facing automotive manufacturers, which require them to:

  • Adapt to volatile capacity due to model turnover, new technologies and fluctuating consumer preference and demand
  • Improve supply chain visibility to support shifting global platforms, demand fluctuation and increasing supply chain complexity
  • Meet customer compliances, spanning industry best practices for delivery performance such as MMOG/LE 


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Automotive Benefits

demand & consumer preferences
your global supply chain
and increase your supply chain visibility

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Empowering Automotive Companies

QAD DynaSys DSCP enables you to effectively optimize, analyze, simulate, collaborate, understand and ultimately plan all supply chain activities.

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Benefits for Automotive Companies

  • Increased demand visibility to supply long lead time parts by customer, product, geography, and location
  • Improved global visibility at the item and product line levels resulting in better capacity planning
  • Optimized procurement plans for critical components and end items to improve service levels, delivery ratings, and reduce logistics costs
  • More accurate supply chain decisions due to better visibility of the entire supply chain with flexible views for stakeholders 
  • Improved anticipation by better understanding supply chain constraints, bottlenecks, and developing a robust S&OP processes
  • Increased margins by reducing costs in distribution, production and procurement activities, reduced inventories, less obsolescence and fewer lost sales
  • And more...


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Automotive Customers


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Automotive Industry Resources

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QAD DynaSys values your privacy. For more information please see our Privacy Policy statement.