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The Fundamentals of Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
Hosted by Dan Allen, IBP Expert at QAD DynaSys

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Manufacturers of consumer goods deliver the right product, in good quantity, at the right cost, in the right place, at the right time.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is driven by business goals, such as your company's strategic, tactical and operational plans. IBP is about aligning all parts of the organization to work toward operational excellence.

Listen as Dan Allen, IBP Expert at QAD DynaSys, a trusted provider of Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) solutions, discusses The Fundamentals of IBP:

  • The benefits of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) such as planning time fences to optimize production
  • The steps to follow when implementing an IBP process: from demand and supply planning to demand balancing and the business review
  • The information you should use in an IBP process to maximize this data-driven process

IBP is a comprehensive data-driven process which we will demonstrate during the webinar.


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