A Sales & Operations Planning Software Brings Solutions


Companies are usually structured in many services and sub-services: operations, sales, support, etc. Organizing and centralizing the information in real-time is now a critical challenge. A reliable and efficient planning process is a way to succeed for companies that face economic instability. The real question is: how could a Sales & Operations Planning software brings stability? What solutions does it bring to copanies?


The Goal of a Sales & Operations Planning Software

Before developping the benefits of a Sales & Operations Planning software, it is important to remind the goal, the purpose of this software in the production process and the general organization of a company. From suppliers, through production, to the final customer, it follows all the value creation process. The Sales & Operations Planning software is a link between many services within the company by integrating all the stakeholders, internal and external, such as suppliers or customers, to the planning process.

This software is usually used to take strategic decisions and to plan the production, the supply and also the demand. A Sales & Operation Planning software is part of the Integrated Business Planning (IBP), a planning process that generates a unique plan for the whole company, including the finance.


The Benefits of a Sales & Operations Planning Software

The benefits of a Sales & Operations Planning software are numerous. For the following reasons, and many more, it is the control tower between Supply Chain and Demand Planning. The software provide useful functionalities to companies optimizations.

Establish alternative scenarios

Not only the companies' ecosystem, but also the global market generate unstable results. Thanks to a Supply Chain Management software such as Sales & Operations Planning software, a company can create and manage alternative scenarios to adjust the gap between forecast and economic reality. We call these "What If" scenarios. By studying several scenarios, a company can limit the unstability impact.

Key Perfomance Indicators

With Key Performance Indicators (KPI) a company can measure its activity during a period. The key figures could be units (Kilograms, Coins...) or values (margin, revenue...). The KPI provides indications on the companies performance. The decision taking process is easier with them.

Better Customization

Every company, every Supply Chain and every Value Chain is unique. A Sales & Operations Planning software provides is highly customizable and can be adapted to any specificities. This flexibility is an asset to optimize the companies' management.

Data Gathering

Collecting data is useful for both performance analyze and performance optimization. The S&OP software will provide accurate and quantified information on each company's services performances.