DynaSys Stories


Introduction by Natalie Cokic

Like all great American companies that were born from an idea that started in a garage, Amazon, Microsoft & Google, just to name a few; QAD DynaSys is no different, well maybe with a tiny exception…

 Anchor name: #demandplanning

Demand Planning by Jeff Livingston

The ability to plan and respond to change is more critical today than ever before as technology has changed the way customers buy, the speed at which products are developed and delivered, and the way we communicate and collaborate with our colleagues, customers and suppliers around the world.

 Anchor name: #mobility

Mobility and UX by Shaun Phillips

The devices we use nowadays to consume media have changed and we take our portable uninterrupted internet access for granted. Many of us have forgotten what it was like to be bound to a desktop computer.

 Anchor name: #collaboration

Multi Enterprise Collaboration by Shaun Phillips

Modern supply chains have successfully become increasingly connected and global. This success has been the result of efficient digital operations. Connected supply chains are able to visualize demand from consumers, retailers, distributors, etc. and supply from raw material supply, component & contract manufacturers, etc.

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