DDMRP - Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning
First End-to-End Demand & Supply Chain Planning solution to be DDMRP certified

ARaymond started a collaboration with DynaSys on DDMRP

"We started a collaboration with DynaSys on DDMRP. We have a pilot right now and are learning together to find the best solution." Benoit Barre - Quick Connectors Network Coordinator, ARaymond


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DynaSys DSCP is certified DDMRP compliant by Demand Driven Institute

DDMRP is a planning methodology used both for planning and execution control, that by defining where to stock and how much to stock in a dynamic way will generate supply orders according to average daily usage, plus qualified sales spikes. DDMRP guides and alerts execution in a visual way.

DynaSys is the first global end to end supply chain planning technology providers to achieve this certification.


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“DynaSys has been very aggressive on the inclusion of the DDMRP method into DSCP. They are a welcome addition to the list of certified technology providers”

Carol Ptak, Partner, Demand Driven Institute

“DynaSys DSCP goes beyond the minimum requirements for DDMRP certification in many areas. This is a great addition to the options that companies have to implement DDMRP”

Chad Smith Partner, Demand Driven


DDMRP – The Reality behind the Acronym. What does this mean?

To understand DDMRP requires one to think differently about supply
chain flows and the decoupling of specific points in the supply chain. This is easier said than done, but if this hurdle is overcome, then DDMRP becomes surprisingly uncomplicated to understand and simple to use. Read our White Paper to learn more about DDMRP.


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