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Embedded Supply Chain Advanced Analytics

The supply chain is going through the most transformational phase of its existence and is set to continue with the adoption of advanced analytics.

As the IoT and machine learning deliver a greater number of data points, supply chain solutions must have a best-in-class capability to translate data into trends and decision grade analytics. DynaSys DSCP seamlessly embeds capability from Qlik, a leading business analytics provider, to provide a better use of data experience supporting responsive and accurate decision making.



Advantages of Using Advanced Analytics

Companies are no longer treating their data as an IT necessity and expense, but as a valuable asset from which to leverage actionable business insights. Such insights can be used to grow the business, exploit opportunities and mitigate risk in this disruptive age. Strong advanced analytics and end-to-end stakeholder collaboration forms are the basis of modern supply chain planning technology. As digitalization continues to disrupt, supply chain technology must be hyper-connected, highly-automated, and produce actionable business insights that promote the value of the enterprise and ensure business continuity.


Supply Chain Analytics White Paper

As supply chain analytics have matured along the journey from descriptive to prescriptive, it has taken on a new role.  The methods of presenting exceptions, trends, and insights have evolved.  


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