Grosfillex implements a collaborative solution for sales forecasts and for production planning with n.SKEP by DynaSys

DynaSys, European leader in Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions, announces the signature of a new agreement with Grosfillex, an international company that is developing and marketing products for housing environments. This partnership deals with, first of all, the implementation of n.SKEP Demand Planning for sales forecasts in a collaborative way between all departments. Then, n.SKEP Production Planning will be deployed in order to optimize the stocks management. Grosfillex purpose is to revise its Supply Chain in order to decrease its inventory levels, while improving its customer service level. To succeed, the company relies on the expertise of the consulting company Citwell, DynaSys’ long-standing partner, and on the n.SKEP solutions.

The Challenge

From 1927 until today, Grofillex’s story is closely linked with the Jura, a French region where its creators were living and where its registered office is located. Nowadays, the company is combining technological expertise of a material (synthetic resin), and taste for innovation, in order to create and to market its products for home environment, whose key-word is: material for better living.

Grosfillex is present in more than 100 countries, with production sites in four continents, and the company employs 1,200 people.

Moving with the times and knowing how to adapt to evolutions is a philosophy upheld by the company. Therefore, it became an evidence to adapt its Supply Chain in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Grosfillex purposes were, in the meantime, to decrease its inventory levels and to improve its customers service level. Because of the seasonality of the company, it was necessary to anticipate production peaks and to make the right choices for the right products at the right moment. An optimization that needed better sales forecasts.

After a piloting phase, Grosfillex chose n.SKEP by DynaSys in order to implement a collaborative process of sales forecasts elaboration according to the different worldwide markets needs and to anticipate the planning of production and of stocks capacities.

Why DynaSys

There will be two phases to the project:

  • The first one is the implementation of a collaborative process for sales forecasts with n.SKEP Demand Planning. After the analysis of historical data, the system calculates, according to different statistical models, a sales forecast proposal, that will then be confirmed and validated by the Sales Department (Accounts and/or Markets Manager). This forecast is created at different levels (area, country, finished products, product family, …) according to volume or turnover. It is then followed, thanks to a control system, by different services in order to improve and complete it, if necessary.
  • The second one will be the production planning with n.SKEP Production Planning. This planning is realized at finite-capacity on different levels (finished and semi-finished products). This will enable Grosfillex to have a forward-looking view of its stocks, to implement alerts and, thus to ease the implementation of a late production differentiation, by concentrating anticipation inventories at the semi-finished products level. This production planning will also enable to plan the procurement of components necessary for production and therefore will answer one of Grofillex big issue: the right choice of the right product at the right moment.


Both companies’ point of view

Yvan Nambotin, Grosfillex Corporate Supply Chain Manager: “The reasons of our choice? Beside Citwell help and the possibility we had to try DynaSys’ solutions in a real-life situation to diagnose our stocks instance, we were convinced of many strong points of the editor and its solution. Indeed, the flexibility and the functional covering of n.SKEP Demand Planning and n.SKEP Production Planning made the difference with the other markets offers. In addition to that, the expertise and support of the French editor team at each level, sales, pre-sales and technical, and the consideration of our needs in order to offer a “turnkey” solution also made the difference. Our Supply Chain overhaul will be based on products and people with a high value added.”

Franck Lepinay, Sales Manager by DynaSys : “DynaSys is continuing in full flow of new contracts. The one signed with Grosfillex followed several other signatures that have been announced for one year (CAE, Takeda, Christofle, MBE Group, Lesieur, Martell, Mumm, Perrier-Jouët, Cadbury, …). We are happy to take part in Grosfillex “Supply Chain adventure”, because it represents for us a new sector, the one of housing equipment, which enables us to be more diversified. We are convinced that with our opened and flexible n.SKEP solutions, we will be able to adapt ourselves to new demand in order to help industries to plan and to optimize their supply chain so that they will improve their competitiveness and develop their margins.”

DynaSys’ chosen solutions by Grosfillex

n.SKEP Production Planning : Planning solution with finite capacity and multi level production optimization (S&OP and MPS)
n.SKEP Demand Planning : Collaborative solution for sales forecast management and for the new products launching.


About DynaSys

The DynaSys Company was created in 1985 and is a European expert in Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. Its collaborative and integrated n.SKEP® solution covers the whole Supply Chain at a strategic, tactical and operational level, enabling the calculation of sales forecasts as well as the multi-level planning and optimization of procurement, production and distribution.

DynaSys has over 250 customers throughout the world and in various business sectors including Food & Beverages, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare (Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Cosmetics), Apparel, Luxury and Retail. Leading customers include Nestlé, Mars Group, Baxter Healthcare, Ipsen, Johnson & Johnson, LVMH, Baccarat, Valeo, Essilor, BUT International.


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