DynaSys, European leader in Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions, announces the signature of a new agreement with Lesieur, a very long-standing customer. The partnership deals with the implementation of n.SKEP Production Planning and n. SKEP Distribution Planning. Lesieur’s objectives are, on the one hand, the optimization of its multi level planning for its 4 French factories and, on the other hand, the management and the optimization of its inventory through its logistical network. Lesieur wants to fulfil its objectives so that he can be in complete adequacy with its Lasting Development Charter that enables its economic growth with consideration for the environmental challenges.

The challenge

Since 1908, standing for the creation of the “Georges Lesieur et Fils” company, today part of the Sofiprotéol group, the company has been the French oil-producer leader. Indeed, Lesieur, whose group is controlling the whole sector, from raw material purchasing to bottling passing through grinding-up and refining, represents 41.1% of market shares with a turnover of 829 million Euros in 2008. The company is exporting to 70 countries from its 4 French factories: Coudekerque (59) and Bordeaux (33) for seeds oils, Vitrolles (13) for tasty oils and Grande Synthe (59) for condiments.

The buying-up of the “Générale Condimentaire” industrial site to Campbell builds the opportunity for Lesieur to optimize its factories planning and its inventory management thanks to its distribution network, integrating all the industrial and logistical constraints. This planning needs obviously to be in adequacy with the Lasting Development Charter implemented by Lesieur in order to reconcile the thought irreconcilable: economic growth and the respect of environment and of ethical values.

Why DynaSys

In 1986, Leusieur had already chosen DynaSys’ solutions for the production planning. The close collaboration with DynaSys during all these years enabled the company to be in constant evolution according to new industrial and technological constraints. In 2009, the company confirms its choices not only by moving from SKEP, to DynaSys’ new technological solution, n.SKEP, but also with the implementation of additional modules, like distribution optimization, UBD management and production multi level optimization (material constraint). With n.SKEP and thanks to its expertise in Food & Beverages industries, DynaSys knows how to implement n.SKEP, a solution that is perfectly taking into account Lesieur’s requirements:

n.SKEP Production Planning solution will enable to plan under constraints and with finite capacity in production resources (with consideration for bottlenecks), and also to optimize semi-finished product exchanges between the factories, by dynamically taking into account the real availability of raw material.

n.SKEP Distribution Planning solution will give the oil-producer leader the possibility to plan and to optimize its stocks through its whole logistic network, by obviously taking into account distribution constraints but also constraints prior to production and the one following demand. The solution will use advanced functionalities in the optimization of stocks deployment. It is a good mean to limit negative consequences on the environment that are mostly due to over/under-estimated inventory levels. The right quantity, at the right place and just in time.

Both companies’ point of view

Philippe Pister, Information Systems vice Director by Sofiprotéol: “Since 1986 we have remained confident in DynaSys’ Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. Indeed, at that time DynaSys’ experts already implemented a revolutionary system fully dedicated to Lesieur for the elaboration of our manufacturing planning. In 1996, we moved to the standard product Adapta DLS, then in 1998 to SKEP, enabling us to make, on all our sites, an industrial planning under constraints. Currently we want to continue to improve our processes, that become more and more complex, and to take into account all the industrial and logistical constraints. These evolutions were only conceivable with a partner like DynaSys that has supported us for all these years. Indeed we benefit from its professionalism and from the expertise of its team, but also from technological evolutions of its solution that are fully in adequacy with our business. The production planning is updated each week according to manufacturing orders and sales forecasts. For all the departments n.SKEP is a gold mine, particularly by facilitating data’s restoration. We are thus able to inform very quickly the management control, the oil resupplying department and the purchasing, while optimizing production and distribution organization.”

Ariel Weil, DynaSys’ CEO: “We are very proud to renew this partnership with Lesieur, one of our oldest customers. This new commitment by DynaSys’ side underlines once more our customers’ confidence in our solutions. Indeed, for more than 25 years, DynaSys’ Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions have been a reference not only for Food & Beverages industries, but also for pharmaceutical, luxury, apparel and Distribution & Retail companies. Our strategy to create long-term partnerships with all our customersand thus to create a close relation with the n.SKEP users, enables our constant evolution on the different markets, particularly during this crisis period where companies want to commit with reliable partners who perfectly master their job. Our continuously R&D efforts to make our solutions evolving by integrating the new constraints that have been met and to integrate modern technologies, enable us to propose to our customers new solutions in complete adequacy with their requirements.”

DynaSys’ chosen solutions by Lesieur

n.SKEP® Distribution Planning: Central and multi site planning solution, coordinating product flows in the whole logistic network (distribution, warehouse, production).
n.SKEP Production Planning : Production multi level planning and optimization solution (S&OP and MPS)


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