The Chantelle Group, that has been DynaSys’ customer for 14 years, repeats its confidence in the Demand & Supply Chain Planning solution of the French publisher by moving from SKEP to n.SKEP

DynaSys, European leader in Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions, announces the signature of a new agreement with the Chantelle Group, worldwide leader in French feminine underwear. The partnership deals with the implementation of a unique and collaborative Demand & Supply Chain Planning solution for its brands Chantelle and Passionata. A big project linked with the overhaul of its Information System and, enabling the leader in underwear to unify and to optimize its tools and its technologies while taking into account production and distribution constraints and sales forecasts.


The challenge

Since 1876 the Chantelle Group has been a leader of feminine lingerie industry. Indeed for over 130 years it has revolutionized women’s underwear, from the first corset until nowadays, by proposing four renowned brands: Chantelle, Passionnata, Darjeeling and Orcanta. The group is composed of some 6,200 people and made a turnover of 350 million Euros in 2008. It is the unique French feminine lingerie company that is represented on an international scene, thus making 50% of its turnover outside France.

Currently, more than 15 million items a year are manufactured in 10 factories of the group, and distributed, thanks to 2 logistic platforms, in more than 10,000 shops all over the world. The group’s values are, under others, a high industrial performance, the mastery of costs and a faultless quality as well for the products as for the services. These are two key-words on which the overhaul of the Information System was based.

The company chose the n.SKEP solution from DynaSys 14 years ago,” explains Philippe Cottret, Director of the Organization and of the Information Systems by the Chantelle Group.“Because of the market that is presently demanding more, we needed to revise our internal processes. We created a statement of work, not only taking into account our new business processes, but also our constraints as far as volume, complexity, production, planning and worldwide distribution are concerned. DynaSys’ challenge was to suggest the group in less than one month a pilot including the main features of our needs according to business and to organization, as for example the colours/sizes management.”


Why DynaSys

The team expertise, the experience of the French publisher in the textile industry and the relationship with Chantelle for several years, is what enabled DynaSys to take up this challenge. The n.SKEP Demand Planning, n.SKEP Distribution Planning and n.SKEP Production Planning solutions will be implemented and thus give Chantelle a coherent and collaborative solution that will be integrated with SAP, the chosen ERP of the group.


Both companies’ point of view

Philippe Cottret, Chantelle Group:  “Our initial purpose is to renew our Information System in order to optimize all our processes. What Demand & Supply Chain Planning is concerned, we need an overall and an integrated solution, offering a rapid implementation time and a flexibility so that to be adapted to our way of working and to our business, which will allow us to cover all our needs. For 14 years, DynaSys has accompanied our Supply Chain development and, once more the company proposed us softwares corresponding to almost all our needs. With DynaSys we have been long-lasting partners and we have been working in complete confidence.”

Ariel Weil, DynaSys’ CEO: We are particularly proud of the faithfulness testifying by our customers. What the Chantelle Group is concerned, our knowledge of the fashion market and also the continuous technological improvements of our solutions, allow us to take up new challenges by their side. Our team’s expertise, the advanced functionalities and the flexibility of n.SKEP were many assets to prove the Chantelle Group, that we are able to fulfill their needs. Our shared values have always been excellence and quality according to services and to business solutions.”


DynaSys’ chosen solutions by the Chantelle Group

n.SKEP® Distribution Planning: Central and multi site planning solution, coordinating products flows in the whole logistic network (distribution, warehouse and production).
n.SKEP® Production Planning : multi level production planning and optimization solution (S&OP, MPS)
n.SKEP® Demand Planning: collaborative solution for sales forecasts management and for new products launching.


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