Darégal Optimizes Supply Chain Planning with n.SKEP One from DynaSys

DynaSys, (NASDAQ:QADA) (NASDAQ:QADB), a division of QAD Inc. and expert in solutions for Demand and Supply Chain Planning, today announced that Darégal, a leading company that produces and sells culinary herbs, has chosen n.SKEP One Production Planning to optimize supply chain planning. The DynaSys n.SKEP solution Ready to Plan (RTP mode) allows Darégal to effectively and strategically align its Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and it Master Production Schedule (MPS).

Rapid to deploy, Darégal implemented n.SKEP One in just four months. The solution helps Darégal significantly reduce IT complexity and increase efficiency — vital benefits for a rapidly growing company.

"We are a small company, but we have the same challenges of reducing costs and satisfying customers as that of a large company," explained Franck Lévêque, IT and finance director at Darégal. "The entire business process — from growing the herbs to harvesting and processing and distribution — must be fully integrated and visible in order for us to effectively meet demand, delight customers, manage inventory appropriately and increase cash flow. The n.SKEP solution proves to be reliable and rigorous. It helps us optimize our workload and our production tools to manage inventory and thus meet the demand of our clients.”

Darégal has multiple distribution targets including Business to Business, such as commercial food manufacturers and caterers, and Business to Consumer outlets via its distribution network and long-time partnership with PICARD.

The company wanted to replace its implementation of SAP Advanced Planning and Optimizer (SAP ®APO) because it did not meet Darégal’s needs for flexibility. Therefore, Darégal issued a request for proposal from the top vendors in the field of APS (Advanced Planning Systems).

Darégal’s requirements included the following:

  • Ease of use and quick implementation,
  • Planning on three levels: finished products, semi-finished products and components (1000 multi-line references),
  • Anticipation of capacity planning for optimal use of industrial tool and reduced overall cost,
  • Control for seasonality, and
  • Improvement and reliability of planning processes.

Why DynaSys

"The n.SKEP solution offered the best balance between technical and functional capabilities. Its value and ease of use were also exceptional," added Franck Leveque. "The executive team desired a tool that would meet our needs now and could offer the flexibility we needed in the future. The DynaSys n.SKEP One not only met but exceeded our expectations and all of our requirements.”

After rapid implementation, Darégal gained immediate benefit from n.SKEP One Production Planning for decision support. The company needed to reduce its working capital in a crisis period by limiting its inventory level. The n.SKEP One Production Planning solution helped smooth the reduction in production. It provided…" relevant and reliable decision support, and delivered  immediate return on investment for us," confirmed Franck Leveque.

As a result, Darégal benefited from:

  • Centralized multi-site planning,
  • Expanded Master Production Schedule (MPS) horizon from four weeks to 16 months,
  • Reliable and consistent MPS processes,
  • Stability and powerful multilevel optimization algorithms (with consideration of the material constraint), and
  • Win-win relationship with Dynasys consulting team.

Franck Lévêque, IT and Finance Director: “The n.SKEP One Production Planning solution meets our needs. During the implementation, we were able to clearly communicate specific requirements that DynaSys was able to meet — both from a consulting and technology standpoint. The DynaSys project teams are experts — they know our business and therefore our expectations. In addition to the functional capabilities of their product, I think DynaSys expertise was a crucial factor. It’s been a win-win relationship.

Ariel Weil, managing director of DynaSys: « We are proud to have a big name like Darégal among our customers in the food industry. Our n.SKEP One solution was designed for SMEs that can immediately realize cost-savings and return on investment. DynaSys expertise in the food and beverage industry is an important lever for the rapid deployment of our solutions. »

About Darégal

Darégal, founded in 1887 in Milly-la-Forêt, is a family-owned company that grows, processes and markets aromatic culinary herbs for worldwide distribution. A market pioneer, the company employs 400 employees worldwide and has achieved a consolidated turnover of 100 million euros.  Its major markets include Europe, Asia / Indonesia and the United States. All its products are manufactured at four production sites, two of which are located in France.

The n.SKEP One Production Planning Solution

The n.SKEP® Production Planning is a collaborative supply chain planning solution for strategic and tactical production planning, addressing the demands of the markets. This decision-support tool helps visualize, analyze, simulate and understand the requirements and capacities of any organization in order to anticipate better and achieve the best results.

The n.SKEP® Production Planning helps optimize plans in order to meet customer needs, while respecting production constraints.

About DynaSys

DynaSys, a division of QAD Inc., provides Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. The DynaSys n.SKEP® suite provides an integrated and collaborative planning solution allowing businesses to optimize their supply chains, including Sales & Operations Planning, Demand Planning, Network & Inventory and business resources optimizations. DynaSys Software customers span multiple industries including Food and Beverages, Consumer Packaged Goods, Life Sciences, Apparel, luxury, High Tech, Automotive and Distribution and Retail.

For more information about DynaSys visit www.dys.com or email contact@dys.com


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