Ceva Santé Animale Selects DynaSys Web Solutions to Optimize its Global Demand Planning Processes

DynaSys, a division of QAD Inc. (NASDAQ:QADA) (NASDAQ:QADB), experts in Demand and Supply Chain Planning solutions, announced they have signed a new contract with CEVA Santé Animale, a leader in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.  The contract is for the implementation of the DynaSys Distribution Planning and Production Planning modules.  Using the DynaSys solutions, CEVA plans to move from a ‘make-to-order’ to a ‘make-to-stock' business model. CEVA plans to use the DynaSys solutions to improve CEVA’s capabilities to maintain market share for some product lines, while focusing on development of other high-margin products. The customer’s goals include improving customer satisfaction and reducing inventory.

"The DynaSys solution perfectly meets our requirements from both a functional and an organizational point of view," said François Tricot, chief information officer at CEVA. "The enhanced functionality in the latest release of the DynaSys solution — particularly in terms of its Web access, will enable us to run our collaborative process from start to finish. We will be offering access to the DynaSys Supply Chain solution, via a Web portal, to all our users, anywhere in the world, from any Internet connection. This is a significant differentiator for the DynaSys solution, and will support our development and growth worldwide."

CEVA Selects DynaSys for its High Performance Solutions and Industry Expertise

CEVA was impressed with the DynaSys high-performance solution and its industry expertise. They were particularly impressed by the solution’s scalability and new Web features as well as the sophistication and choice of algorithms for optimization.  The team at DynaSys demonstrated their pharmaceutical industry expertise — another key decision factor that earned DynaSys CEVA’s business.

CEVA’s Selection Requirements

The company developed a product requirements list that included the following:

  • Full-fledged factory planning capabilities that take into account capacity constraints on finished, semi-finished and bulk products, from a monthly to weekly buckets
  • Powerful support to flag expiration dates and materials availability
  • Easy access for the Supply Chain department to change user definable data fields directly related to distribution (receipt calendar, transport multiple and minimum, lead times)
  • Clear visibility into the impact of inventory projection with the simulation tool

CEVA researched various solutions in the market and found DynaSys best met their evaluation requirements.

Ariel Weil, managing director of DynaSys, said, "We are pleased to announce our newest life sciences customer, a leading provider of veterinary pharmaceuticals,  CEVA Santé Animale. They selected DynaSys based on our focus to help customers become more Effective Enterprises in the Life Sciences industry. Our global vision of helping our customers align their business processes with their strategic goals and our open approach to Web technologies enable us to support CEVA in achieving its goals."

About CEVA Santé Animale 

Founded in 1999, following its buyout (LMBO) from Sanofi Santé Nutrition Animale, CEVA Santé Animale is a veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory whose two expertise areas are pharmacy and biology (vaccines). The company operates in 42 countries worldwide, with 13 research & development centers and 21 production sites; it employs a staff of 3000; its 2011 turnover reached €532.5 million, a two-figure growth rate for the 3rd consecutive year.

CEVA Santé Animale manages the entire lifecycle of its products, R&D, manufacture, through to design. Its commitment goes way beyond animal health. Indeed, CEVA is convinced that an original approach to animal health is a more relevant approach to major social concerns, such as: Helping feed a growing population; fighting zoonoses (diseases transmissible to humans and vice versa); promoting the benefits of the essential link between man and animal. CEVA is ranked among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world.

About DynaSys

DynaSys, a division of QAD Inc., provides Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. The DynaSys n.SKEP® suite provides an integrated and collaborative planning solution allowing businesses to optimize their supply chains, including Sales & Operations Planning, Demand Planning, Network & Inventory and business resources optimizations. DynaSys Software customers span multiple industries including Food and Beverages, Consumer Packaged Goods, Life Sciences, Apparel, luxury, High Tech, Automotive and Distribution and Retail.

For more information about DynaSys visit www.dys.com or email contact@dys.com

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