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Production Planning

How to avoid shortages and increase service level with finite capacity planning

Maximize efficiency, meet customer needs, respect production constraints

DynaSys Production Planning helps companies maximize efficiency and better meet customer needs by optimizing production plans. Users gain the ability to plan collaboratively as well as decision support capabilities to visualize, analyze, simulate and understand production requirements and capacities.

DynaSys Production Planning provides finite capacity planning for manufacturing, capacity and inventory optimization. Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and/ or Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) are optimized according to demand, inventory policies and production constraints. Multiple algorithms enable planners to perform capacity smoothing while monitoring stock to better tune capacity utilization, optimize resources and synchronize different levels of production. The solution includes advanced controls such as available-to-promise and capable-to-promise, use-by dates or cost-based optimization

Key features

  • User customizable views simplifies controlling and adjusting the user experience
  • Advanced simulation tools help users build and manage different assumptions
  • Calculate and optimize using a comprehensive set of algorithms which can be combined to best reflect a company’s processes and constraints
  • Reporting and analysis provides a flexible report writer and visual analysis tool, simplifying formatting and the generation of meaningful reports and dashboards
  • Collaboration is facilitated through Single Click Collaborative®, technology that offers real-time collaboration to planners and users across the enterprise and the DynaSys Web Portal

Key benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction with fewer stockouts and better on-time delivery performance 
  • Improve product availability while eliminating stock outs and reducing obsolescence
  • Reduce inventory of finished products and semi-finished products, components and raw material with better production planning
  • Improve business performance by using applicable metrics and KPIs
  • Compress “cash to cash” cycle by optimizing resource utilization
  • Control labor costs by accurately forecasting short and long term labor requirements, including overtime planning and recruitment strategy
1 to 40 Points
of Service Level Improvement
15% to 60 %
of Inventory Reduction
5% to 25%
of Working Capital Reduction

How Production Planning can help your business?

Production Planning enables you to become effective enterprises by supporting both strategic and tactical planning, to better serve the demands of your market.


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We are proud to work with...

"Thanks to DynaSys DSCP, our inventory reduced from 48 to 18 days while service level increased from 98.5 to 99%."

Supply Chain Director, CEMOI Group

"The DynaSys tools are efficient, enabling us to carry out rapid, detailed, accurate and reliable analysis which is, in a word, relevant. Our Service levels were maintained while the longest lead-time was reduced from 14 to 6 weeks."

Planning and Procurement Manager - Mumm Perrier Jouët

“With DynaSys, we noticed a dramatic reduction of inventory shortages and significant reduction in inventory levels of finished products.”

Marie-Claude Cevalte, Supply Chain & IS Director- Mayoly Spindler

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