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Demand Planning

How to respond to market fluctuation with accurate forecasts?

Become an Effective Enterprise with accurate forecasting

DynaSys Demand Planning helps customers become Effective Enterprises by improving sales collaboration, budgetary planning and forecasting. All stakeholders have access to a suite of tools that enable effective collaboration and simplifies analysis across the extended enterprise with the Single Click Collaborative® technology provided by DynaSys Demand Planning.

DynaSys Demand Planning improves control, visibility and collaboration for sales, budget planning and forecasting activities throughout your global supply chain. It improves forecast accuracy and enterprise agility ensuring you meet and exceed customer expectations and service level goals.

Key features

  • Detection and correction of outliers, analysis of historical data
  • Statistical calculations — supports seasonality, external factors, trend analysis, auto-selection of best-fit algorithm 
  • Multi-level forecasts — detailed or aggregate forecasts, top down, bottom up and middle out forecasts
  • Product life cycle planning
  • Collaborative — share information for consensus forecasting
  • Detailed promotion management — provides visibility to all phases of promotions from set-up to fulfillment.

Key benefits

  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • More effectively meet customer demand
  • Collaborate on sales forecasts and improve forecast visibility
  • Reduce forecast cycle time through automation
  • Improve performance measurement and information distribution
  • Improve customer service and increase sales and revenue
  • Reduce inventory investment
1 to 40 Points
of Service Level Improvement
10% to 90%
of Forecast Accuracy Improvement
15% to 60%
of Inventory Reduction

How Demand Planning can help your business?

Meet customer demand more effectively by ensuring sufficient inventory to meet customer orders. DynaSys Demand Planning results in shorter lead times, and reduces stock outs and back orders, resulting in lower costs and improved customer satisfaction.


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Wesco is building the Effective Enterprise

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We are proud to work with...

“The flexibility of DynaSys Demand Planning solution allows us to adapt continuously to the evolution of our business and the development of the company” 

Simon Brichet, Director of Supply Chain, ARMOR

"We were excited about the potential within the DynaSys tools to provide and facilitate a rigorous, collaborative forecasting tool that could enhance our existing supply chain processes"

Paul Simpson, Head of Residential Supply Chain Management, Electrium

"DynaSys offered a business solution, proven in the market and in our industry. It conforms to our expectations, there were no gray areas, whether it concerned performance or implementation."

Director Supply Chain Europe, Newell Brands

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