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DynaSys DSCP (Demand & Supply Chain Planning) Suite
A single and global solution

Since 1985, DynaSys, a division of QAD, has been delivering systems to market leading organizations of all sizes. The DynaSys DSCP (Demand & Supply Chain Planning) solution suite enables companies to control the complexity of their Supply Chain and allows them to improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing inventory levels and costs.

Creating value is every company’s objective and even more so today with open and globalized markets where competition is ever more intense. Supply Chain Planning is at the very core of this challenge for several reasons, not only as a significant part of the cost of product delivered to the customer, but also with the qualitative elements such as service levels or the ability to deliver customized products to the customer.

The DSCP suite developed by DynaSys, is an advanced solution for assisting supply chain decision-making; it makes it possible to optimize, analyses, simulate, collaborate, understand and ultimately plan all the activities of the supply chain. Driven by exceptions, a DynaSys solution allows users to concentrate on their business objectives.

The technologies used by DynaSys are highly performance-orientated enabling companies to rapidly achieve their goals. The DSCP solution is based on the Single Click Collaborative® technology powered by DynaSys and allows real time planning with immediate simulations. By minimizing the number of actions (clicks), the user can focus on the added value of their Supply Chain and thus make better decisions.

The integrated, modular, flexible and customizable DSCP suite covers all demand and supply chain planning processes and allows collaborative validation of multi-level demand, distribution, capacity and supply plans.

Demand Planning

Demand Planning is a collaborative solution for developing demand forecasts, the starting point of the Supply Chain. Sales forecasts are initially developed from sales history, and improved through collaborative and consensus processes which take into account all events (Marketing, Promotions and Cannibalization) and market knowledge from key business users. Calculations are carried out on several levels (multi-level forecasts) and use a sophisticated statistical engine. Product life cycles (new product introduction, product phase-outs, and supersession) are taken into account as well as promotions which can be managed in an operational and detailed way.
Demand Planning includes numerous important indicators, including forecast accuracy, ABC classification, comparison of actual sales to budget, and safety stock dimensioning.
Learn more about Demand Planning

Distribution Planning

Distribution Planning is a central multi-site planning solution which coordinates the product flow through the entire logistics network (distribution, storage and production sites). Distribution Planning lets the user model a distribution network, calculate distribution requirements across the entire network and provides graphic visualization of the product flows. It also offers a stock deployment algorithm respecting stock management strategies (push flows, pull flows, priority, fair share) and simulates different scenarios by observing stock and customer service rate projections.
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Production Planning

Production Planning provides a finite capacity planning solution for planning manufacturing, capacity and inventory optimization. Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and/or Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is optimized according to demand, inventory policies and production constraints. There are several algorithms available for the planner, enabling them to undertake capacity smoothing while monitoring stock build to propose better capacity utilization, to optimize resources and to synchronize different levels of production. The solution includes advanced functionality such as demand management (Available to Promise, Capable to Promise), use-by dates or cost-based optimization.
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Procurement Planning

Procurement Planning optimizes the Master Procurement plan and calculates the order and delivery plan for all purchased items (raw materials, packaging, finish goods, products linked to trade, etc.). Procurement Planning allows companies to optimize an order plan according to requirements, logistic constraints and inventory policies but also to merge orders to attain carriage-paid or full containers or even to propose an alternative supplier when required.
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Network & Inventory Optimization

Network and Inventory Optimization is a strategic network flow management solution which allows companies to economically optimize their Supply Chain while facilitating the monitoring and management of budgetary activity. This optimization takes into account a large variety of costs (production, storage, transport, fixed site costs, etc.) and production or storage capacity constraints. This lets companies define the optimal routes within their supply network.
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S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning)

DynaSys DSCP is an integrated, flexible and customizable solution, designed to facilitate communication and decision-making to balance supply and demand. This requires insight to the company’s strategic objectives and operations to achieve the optimal service level and to prepare for the right product mix.
Learn more about S&OP



Integration with IT systems

The DynaSys DSCP solution was designed to enable easy integration to corporate IT systems (QAD, SAP, Sage, JDE, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft as well as bespoke tools). DSCP uses a “Data Hub” approach to exchange and synchronise Supply Chain Planning information.

Learn more about Integration

Cloud Solution

The integrated and modular DynaSys DSCP suite is available “On Premise” and in the Cloud. DynaSys Cloud DSCP solution provides multiple benefits — from automatic upgrades and rapid implementation to per-user pricing and global accessibility

.Learn more about DynaSys DSCP Cloud Solution

DynaSys supports your Supply Chain initiatives

  • Improving your forecasts and visibility in order to respond to market fluctuations
  • Optimizing the use of the material and human assets spread throughout the supply chain
  • Streamlining customer fulfillment to reduce lead times and inventories while improving service levels
  • Improving the profitability of your customers and of your orders

An effective planning solution allows your organization to increase operational margin and revenue and become an Effective Enterprise.

Download the DynaSys DSCP brochure.

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